How We Rate

At Silver & Van Essen, we have earned the highest rating possible from its peers for its legal ability and professional ethics. While the public is generally unaware that most lawyers in the United States are rated, attorneys frequently rely on these ratings when referring a client to another attorney or researching opposing counsel.

The ratings are compiled by Martindale-Hubbell, an independent company who establishes or confirms ratings for over 100,000 attorneys each year. To determine a rating, Martindale-Hubbell obtains confidential opinions from lawyers and judges who are familiar with the attorneys in their community. Opinions are based on direct, professional knowledge of the lawyer under review. All rating review materials are strictly confidential, enabling participants to provide completely candid assessments of their colleagues. The legal community relies on the accuracy of ratings because it knows that its own members - the people who are best suited to assess their peers - are directly involved in the process.

The highest rating an attorney can achieve is "AV." Only about 12% of all attorneys have been awarded the "AV" rating. Both of the partners of Silver & Van Essen have been given the "AV" rating. We are also proud of the fact that our firm was selected to be included in the "Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers" which is published by Martindale-Hubbell.

No matter how complex the litigation, we can help. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your legal issues and the ways in which we can put our experienced commercial litigation attorneys to work for you.